Welcome the new Punkstar Radio Intern

So I have decided to hire a new intern for the station. There are so many working pieces of our company made up by a large group of people we call “family”. We ( Billy Kinnamon / Punkstar radio’s Computer YODA)are currently working on enhancing our station making it BETTER for you the listener. Billy will be teaching me the ins and outs of managing our station. Which will include the creation of the music libraries and the constant uploads of new music coming from all the amazing bands that we work with.

Billy “We want to do our best to represent the entire Local music scene”

With this in mind I have decided to hire myself as our new intern. Working on such task that I would normally not do.

Chris ” If you want to change you have to be willing to be uncomfortable, I am not a computer guy. So I am stepping outside of my box so that I can do something to make the  Punkstar Radio team even stronger”.

Wish Me Luck!

Chris Punkstar